How to Plan a best holiday to Chicago

The lovely skyline as well as the vicinity of Lake Michigan makes Chicago one of the most beautiful cities. Plan a holiday to Chicago to get the urban feel of USA and yet have a different experience. Here is your guide to plan a perfect holiday to the city:

How to get in and around?
Chicago has two main airports and is connected to most of the major cities. You can take a flight in or even visit via train or bus. Chicago was the main hub for railways for whole of USA because of which the entire city is connected very well to most major railway stations in the country. Use travel itinerary planner for your upcoming trip and make your trip awesome.

You can also drive to the city as the roads are very well connected. To get around, there are plenty of modes which connect you. You can consider Metro, Bus, Train, Car, Taxi, Bicycle, Water Taxi to get around the city.

When to visit?
The best time to plan a holiday to Chicago is through the months of March and goes up to May. It is the spring season during this time and the flowers start to bloom spreading a lovely whiff around the city. Even June to September is a great time to enjoy the summer and the temperatures are pretty average during this time. Autumn is the season where you get great deals but the temperatures start to fall drastically followed by winters which are extremely freezing.


Where to stay?
There are options for every range of accommodation in Chicago. You can choose how much you want to spend on your accommodation and accordingly decide where to stay:

1) Wrigley Hostel-Chicago
2) Freehand Chicago
3) Fieldhouse Jones


1) Best Western River North Hotel
2) Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago
3) Dewitt Hotels and Suites


1) Four Seasons Chicago Hotel
2) Waldorf Astoria Chicago
3) The Peninsula Chicago

What to eat?
Chicago has some great food to offer to everybody who wishes to explore its cuisine. Do not forget to eat the special Chicago style pizza. Here are the restaurants you definitely must try:

  • Alinea
  • The Purple Pig
  • Monteverde Restaurant and Pacifico
  • Lula Cafe
  • Batter and Berries
  • Foodease
  • Piccolo Sogno

Where to go?
While planning a holiday to Chicago, remember to include the following attractions in your itinerary:

  1. Willis Tower- It offers the perfect city vistas and is a really tall skyscraper.
  2. Cloud Gate- A public sculpture located right in the centre of AT&T Plaza at Millenium Park.
  3. Navy Pier- A 3,300 feet long situated right along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier is a must visit.
  4. Lincoln Park Zoo- Albeit a small attraction, it is quite a fun place to visit for children.

All in all, it is definitely a great place to visit if you plan perfectly.

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Tokyo Disneyland Looks Absolutely Magical Covered in Snow

A rare snowstorm that hit Tokyo blanketed the city's Disneyland park.

Despite being covered in snow, Tokyo Disneyland still drew in loads of visitors who reveled in the icy atmosphere. The rest of the city did not fare as well, as trains stalled, icy roads caused car accidents and flights were canceled.

Still, those visiting Disneyland got a look at the castle and statues covered in white, lending an ethereal look to the whole park. The snow gave a particularly realistic spin to Tokyo Disneyland's special Frozen exhibit, which will run until March 19.




Visit Adelaide

If you have always dreamt about visiting Australia during your holidays, a trip to beautiful city Adelaide will be good and vibrating experience. This city is surrounded by Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, attract people with its unique natural beauty. This city has its style and charm, placed to be enjoyed and savoured at your own pace. You may plan your holiday through online trip planner for your great vacation.

There are many people all over the world who love to visit Adelaide. I am very crazy to visit this city again and again. You should also visit this city and its major attraction. As Adelaide activities offer number of activities to do in Adelaide. This city has offered many memorable views to me which attract me.

Weather conditions:
According to professionals, spring season is considered is best to visit Adelaide and to perform different recreational activities in Adelaide. You should visit Adelaide during Sep. to Nov months.

Here are some major attractions of Adelaide and activities to do in Adelaide, where you can have breathtaking views:

If you want to climb on the top of cliff and want to take part in this adventure but you are not experienced then no problem. You can find number of guides at cliff point to guide you how you have to climb and how to come down.

Adelaide ballooning:
If you fear from heights but love to enjoy ballooning then you should not get worried because you will not only single individual while ballooning. People have to go in groups and they can experience of heights over city in real way without having any fear. 

Opera house:
Opera house is not present in this city but there is Legendary Ghan Railway. This city is not well known all over the world for horse race but its arts festival is also very popular all over the world.

Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities in Adelaide by which you can enjoy boating and can experience real adventure of life in water.  

If you love to see the major attraction of city with cycle then you can hire cycle from outlets or from agencies and can go for a long ride around the city and its major attractions. While cycling you can run from hill to sea and can see many picturesque views in your way.

Explore Cairo Sightseeing Places

If you are searching the destination where you can spend your holidays without having any problem but don’t want to visit old places which are visited by you already then Cairo can be the best option. Cairo is an interesting, charming and beautiful city that is rich in history and culture. There are numbers of places to see in Cairo. Cairo is the capital city & is largest city of Africa. You can have many memorable moments if you visit this city. You may plan your holiday through travel planner for awesome vacation.

Many attractive Cairo sightseeing places attract people with its charming beauty. I have visited all the major attractions of this city but I want to visit this city again and again because of many reasons. This city is completely safe and one can have a lot of fun here. This city never sleeps and nightlife is also fantastic. If you get the chance to visit this calm and beautiful city then you should not miss the chance.

Weather conditions: You should not visit this city during summer because here summer season months are very hot and hot is not bearable so it will be best if you avoid visiting this city in summer. The best time to make a trip to this city is during Oct, Nov. Mar and April months.

As there are numbers of Cairo places to visit but some popular Cairo sightseeing places are listed here:

Coptic: It is oldest city part & is real site of Babylon, it was built by Roman. This part of city has been settled for over 2000 yr. You can find here number of Egypt’s churches and is also the main centre of Cairo Christian community. 

Islamic Cairo: It is place where you can find many mosques. The major attractions of this place are Mohammad Ali Mosque and Ibn tulun. Ibn Tulun is one of the most popular and biggest mosques all over the world.

Egyptian Museum: While in Cairo you should not miss visiting this museum. It is one of the most popular museums having its own significance. This museum includes Mummies, ancient relics and sarcophagi which represents archaeological glory of Egypt. 

City of dead: This part of Cairo may not be sound like liveliest portion of this city to visit but it is home to million people of this city.

Pyramids: This city has gained so much popularity all over world because of Pyramids. There are numbers of pyramids in the Egypt and all these are thought to be constructed during 3rd millennium BC.

These are some most popular places to see in Cairo and many others are there which you should visit during trip to this beautiful city. If you don’t have proper information about city or travel then travel website can help you.


How to Plan a Perfect Trip to Miami

Miami, often referred to as the party capital of the world can be a great revelation for those who think on the same lines. To explore, Miami has it art-deco towns, quaint neighbourhoods, an incredible live music scene and a laidback Afro-Cuban vibe to it. If you have been wanting to plan a trip to Miami, read on for a plan that is extremely achievable.


First things first, determine what would be the best time to visit for you. Ideally, the best time to visit Miami is considered to be anytime between March to May, this is when the temperatures are at their pleasant best. The festive season is another time when people come to enjoy the holiday season. This is when the rates are at their peak. So, skip this time if you are planning a budget trip to Miami. The same factor also determines the air tickets and accommodation scene. If you are up for a fun adventure you could also take up a road trip to Miami!



Once you have got in in Miami and have your accommodation scene sorted, you can make your agenda of best things to do in Miami. But before you begin, consider some points about how to get around Miami. If you have not got your own car, the best way to get around the town is by the hop on and hop off bus. This way you can also get to see all the major attractions in Miami like The Barnacle Historic State Park, Port of Miami, Little Havana, MacArthur Causeway, Lummus Park and more, depending on the route you choose.


While hop on and hop off buses cover all the major points of interest in Miami, there are some more ways that give you insights on Miami’s heritage. So, make sure your vacation planning incorporates this. Incorporate a few walking tours at the historic districts like the Art Deco Town. Food tours are another fabulous way to experience Miami’s rich, cultural history. These may however require you to walk a lot, so if you senior citizens or children with you, look for appropriate alternatives.

There are several Miami guides online along with vacation planners that aid easy exploration. Look up some travel sites to get an idea about how to see Miami without a professional guide.


Some apps are extremely handy, so much so, that you can have them on your phone and see Miami on the go, as per your convenience.


Last but not the least, live up every moment; whether you are at a restaurant playing jazz music, walking through its neighbourhood or enjoying a mesmerizing sunset on the beach, Miami for more reasons than one is a chosen holiday destination!



Trip Planner

Enjoy The Best Albury City Break This Holiday Season

Are you planning for a great Australian holiday this season? Then, spending 24 hours in Albury will let you know the importance of enjoying some of the best refreshing moments with your friends and family. Situated on the banks of Murray River and regarded as the major city of New South Wales, it serves as the perfect destination for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Given below are the major tourism attractions in and around Albury.

  • Rutherglen

  • Beechworth

  • Yackandandah

Planning for your tour early will let you cover maximum places in a short span of time. Special tour packages are offered by government as well private travel operators in the region.


Places to Visit and See in Albury

Albury is a tourist friendly city with a lot of local attractions garnering the attention of tourists from across the world. In fact, the city is full of picturesque locations and beautiful sceneries making it an ideal place for couples to visit.

  • Lake Hume

This lake is the most notable attractions of Albury with the scope to perform multiple activities such as boating and fishing. Spending more time with your family members in peace is what you can do best here.



  • Wonga Wetlands

This is one of the beautiful Australian sanctuaries that you can ever find. Best known for bird watching, this sanctuary is visited by increasing number of tourists each year. Rare species of birds could be watched here.

Restaurants for Best Cuisine in Albury

Having a toast of delicacies Down Under will let you have some of the best memories that you can ponder for a long time to come by. Here are some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal.

  • Mr. Benedict

This is unarguably the best Albury restaurant that you can ever find with mouth watering delicacies served for sure. More specifically, this place is known for the vast varieties of breakfast on a regular basis.

  • Border Wine Room

Apart from enjoying a cozy dinner in this posh hotel, you get to taste the best wine served with hospitality. Delicious food varieties too are served through which you could maintain hygiene even if away from home


Benefits of Choosing Albury Day Trips

Here are some of the benefits that you get to realize through Albury Holidays planned with the help of a reputed tour operator.

  • Maximum value for your money

  • Best seasonal holidays towards Australia

  • More benefits related to accommodation and travel

Plan your tours to Albury in the best way by going through TripHobo travel planner in detail.