The Oddest Places You Will Find in Bangkok

Bangkok is the city of contrasts and liveliness, the city is known and known well for its amazing nightlife, beautiful architecture and picturesque setting. But there is much more to the city than that, from the wackiest architectural places to unusual museums Bangkok has it all. So if this travel itinerary you are looking for some out of the world things to do then this is the destination to go to. Bangkok is the sin city where nothing you want is far from your reach but like everything here even the attractions come with a sight twist. So here are some wacky things you should do in Bangkok.

1.Erawan Museum
Now traditionally museums are known to be on the informative side and when anybody says museums you imagine artifacts protected by glass and long parties of sightseers around the museum. The Eranwan museum is such too but with a little twist. The first thing that you will notice is the huge three headed elephant on the pedestal of the building. The elephant is 250 tons in weight, 29 meters high, 39 meters long, and cast in pure copper.

2.Robot Building
Architecture in Bangkok is one that will stand out to any traveler, with that said there is but one attraction that is different than any other in the region. Meet the robot building, yes, the robot building looks like a robot, similar to one that you used to play with at home when you were young. The building looks like an actual robot and is a marvel of architecture. So if you are in Bangkok do not miss the attraction as you will not find it anywhere else.

3.Correction Museum
Now correction museum has to be one of the creepiest attractions in the city. The place was a prison in its early days and was used to torture its inmates. The destination now is a high scale museum and features some of the most brutal tactics that were used in the early days. The museum stands as a mark in history and in the life of the prisoners.

4. Elephant Building
Elephant building is one building that you just cannot miss if you are Bangkok. The building is in the shape of a full size elephant complete with tusks and eyes. The building stands as a landmark in the region due to its iconic architecture and skillfully crafted design. So visit the destination and click a few pictures with the mighty building and you will surely have stories to tell back home.

5.Forensic Museum
Forensic Museum is a one of a kind attraction in the city that displays the human body in its raw form.  The museum is open to visitors and has everything related to the human body. The destination though is not for those with a light heart as the exhibition includes human specimen which are displayed for the purpose of explaining the human body correctly.

6.Batman Museum
The batman museum is a nirvana for Nerds as it displays some of the best action figures and merchandise that will make any Batman fan to get ready and leave for this picturesque museum. The destination has everything from the old age batman to the new and improved one with all the high-tech gadgets that the hero has. The whole experience will leave you in shock and awe of the place. The museum sees a lot of tourists as it also displays the famous joker from the dark knight trilogy.

7.Phallic Shrine
Phallic shrine is a shrine to the Goddess Tubtim and this attraction is sure to complete your trip of the unusual. The shrine has many devotees coming in and as a sign of respect and leave oversized penises in the shrine. One of the kinkiest places to be the shrine is covered with different penises and is done so as to pray to the goddess for fertility. The shrine sees a lot of devotees praying to the goddess of fertility and hence has gained popularity among tourists as well.

So in the end all that is left to stay is that Bangkok really is a city of amazing contrasts and you can rest assured that you will have plenty of things to do in Bangkok. Here you will find some of the most unusual tourist attractions in Bangkok.

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