How To Plan A Perfect Road Trip

Finally the time of the year has come to gear up yourself for an exciting vacation trip. Have you thought how you are going to plan it out? Don’t follow the same old cliché idea of taking a flight, then hiring a cab and so on. If your destination can be reached by a car or a motorbike then why not give this option a try? The road trip is not that exhausting as it sound to be. A clever planning and proper packaging can make even a boring road trip into an exciting one. Especially on a road trip, you need to think about a lot of pros and cons of the trip. Otherwise, the trip might out to be your nightmare.   Now, the question is how you are going to do it? Here’s a snippet of what you need to remember before you start of your journey: -

#1 Who is your buddy -
Road trips sound exciting if you are travelling with your best buddy, a companion or a group of friends with whom you share perfect compatibility. It doesn’t mean both of you need to have similar likes and dislikes. Rather, all of you should be comfortable enough to adjust yourself in any situation you might fall during the journey. He or she should be flexible with the plan. This is because during a trip you might come across roads under construction or you might require to stop somewhere at night or might have to sleep in the car. Be prepared for all kinds of circumstances. Lastly, both of you should know driving so that you can share the drive.

#2 Brainstorm the travel ideas before the journey -
On one fine evening, call up your friends with whom you are going for the road trip. Sit with them over a drink and brainstorm all kinds of travel itineraries that comes up in your mind. Right from general ideas like road direction, duration of the trip to important points like the destinations you are going to visit and the activities you are going to do. In this session, also divide the responsibilities among yourself. For instance, the amount of cash you people should carry individually, foods and essential amenities.

#3 Sit with a road map -
Draw a line on the map to mark the route you are going to follow. Make sure your friends are also aware of the route and should be comfortable with your idea. Don’t impose your decision on them. It might take an ugly turn during the trip. If road map is not working out, numerous smartphone applications are there to help. Download one of them so that during the trip you get the proper direction.

#4 Check your car -
Before you start off your journey, check your vehicle properly. Get your car checked from a service center to make sure all the mechanical parts of the car are working properly. You won’t prefer to spend most of your trip stuck in a garage during your journey. So spare yourself from facing such harsh nightmare. Consider a few facts like to get your spare tire, the clutch and the brakes should be checked, fixed chipped windshield and keep extra fresh oil. With these facts, learn how to change the tire from your mechanic and make at least one copy of your car keys to give it among your friends in case of emergency.

#5 Pack necessary supplies -
Never overload yourself. Pack your bag with essentials like number of clothing required for the trip, a medical kit, food packs for snacks, toiletries, flashlight, bug spray, some sleeping gear and essential documents. Make sure you keep essential papers related to your car as well.

#6 Keep yourself entertained -
When it is a road trip, you need to keep yourself entertained. For that, nothing can be a better option than listening to music. Prepare a few mixed CDs and ask your friend to bring some CDs as well.

Lastly, carry few items that go well with a theme for a car ride. For instance, cheap sunglasses, tie dye and candies.  Come up with some exciting ideas so that your trip turns out to be a memorable one for all of you.

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