10 Reasons Why Düsseldorf is the New Popular destination in Germany

Located at the edge of the River Rhine (one of the longest rivers in Europe), Düsseldorf offers a fine blend of history, culture and vibrant nightlife of Europe. Take a tour into the city and you will come across different faces of the city. For instance, one part of the city will let you wander around the smart shopping streets and gives you the glimpse of the wealthy cosmopolitan lifestyle of Europe. On the other hand, the other face lets you admire the fine art and architectural works of the city. All these factors have worked in making Düsseldorf as one of the must visit city of Europe.


Now if you have started making travel itinerary to visit this beautiful city, you should also learn about the most interesting things to do and see in Düsseldorf.

1. Enjoy the city’s bird’s eye view at Rheinturm –
Capturing 360 view of the city Düsseldorf from any point of the city is not possible unlike it is Rheinturm. With 170 meters height, the Rheinturm (or the Rhine Tower) is the tallest building in the city and probably the largest digital clock in the world. At night, the clock lightens up making it prominent even from a distance. Climb up to its observation deck to get the best view or dine in style in its revolving restaurant, located at the top floor.

2. Wander in Altstadt –
If you want to know where the heart of Düsseldorf lies, then it is this place. Lying between the Rhine River and the shopping district Konigsallee, Altstadt is a perfect point to start off your journey into the city. Wander through the winding cobblestoned streets or spent some quiet time in the churches, Altstadt let you enjoy every flavor of the city. Moreover, with a number of clubs clustered together, the region is often named as ‘the longest bar in the world’ and makes this place as the liveliest part of the city.

3. Empty your pocket in Konigsallee –
Looking for the place where you can willingly empty your pocket? Come to Konigsallee! This picturesque boulevard divided by a canal, is perfect for Shopaholics. Filled with shopping malls, boutiques showcasing every designer label are enough to tempt you. However, if you don’t have enough money you can atleast take a stroll along the tree lined canal and enjoy window shopping. Else you can step insides malls like Sevens shopping arcade where you might something within your budget. With cafes located within this region, Konigsallee is perfect to spend a lovely evening.

4. Cherish the hipster in you in Kunsthalle –
Düsseldorf is bohemian by heart. Hence, if you wish to bring out the bohemian spirit of yours, Kunsthalle is the perfect place to do so. Filled with many contemporary art exhibitions, Kunsthalle can make you fall in love with the arts. The primary attraction of the region is Kunst im Tunnel (Art in the Tunnel).

5. Take a historical journey in Kaiserswerth –
Visiting a city and not learning any historical fact cannot be afforded. Hence, visit Kaiserswerth where plenty of historical sights of the city are located. It is obviously one of the places to visit in Düsseldorf. For instance, the famous Deaconess’s Institute of Kaiserswerth where Florence Nightingale served as a nun is located in this place. Similarly, the Royal Palace of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa is also situated within this region.

6. Enjoy the splendid beauty of River Rhine –
If wandering within the city is making you tired, walk up to the esplanade. Stroll along the riverside or just sit down and enjoy some lone time. The trip is definitely going to help you to shrug off all your stresses out of your mind. If the weather is favorable, you can also pack yourself to enjoy sunbath along the river.

7. Breathe in fresh air in Schlosspark Benrath –
If you are missing on the greenery of the city, Schlosspark Benrath is the place. It is one of the beautiful green areas of Düsseldorf, filled with plants and woods that let visitors to explore in their own way. Instead of running around the park, just sit for some time, relax and breathe the fresh air. For refreshment, walk into the café that is located in this park and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with greenery to accompany you.

8. Visit the Film Museum of Düsseldorf –
Movie buff or not, you cannot afford to give a skip to this unusual museum. Housed in a small building, the museum displays lot of things related to the world of cinema; starting from its prehistoric period to its present.

9. Admire contemporary architecture of Media Harbor –
The former industrial harbor of Düsseldorf has undergone a drastic change in the past few years. The outcome of these changes is something to look forward for you as a visitor. The entire harbor has turned into a den for showcasing contemporary architectural work of renowned architectures. For instance, Frank O. Gehry’s three twisted buildings deserve a visit.      

10. Food to relish –
Walk from the old town to the new town of Düsseldorf and you will come across a large number of restaurants and cafes serving some of the authentic cuisines of the city. Try Atlantic lobster and roasted guinea fowl in any of the reputed eateries of this region.

Make the most of your stay by considering these top tourist attractions of Düsseldorf.

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