Barcelona is the Mecca of football fans from around the World. The city by itself is so breath taking, that Woody Allen got inspired to make a movie on it. But apart from football fanatics visiting the hometown of Gerard Pique and Iniesta all around the year, this city also has a lot of attractions and activities that can instantly make you love it! But just some of these activities are slightly over-hyped in not only my opinion, but a lot of tourists and locals seem to share that sentiment. Here is a list of over rated things to do in Barcelona:-

1) Barcelonta Beach- Sands of the South
Everytime you read a blog, a travel guide or anything slightly related to Barcelona tourism; you will find Barcelonta Beach featuring prominently in the top 10 attractions. But honestly, it is better to head up to other lesser known beaches towards the north for a beach experience which does not consist of crowds and sand filled towels all over.

2) Getting high on the Sangria
Contrary to the popular belief, Sangria is not exactly authentic. Even though, it’s the perfect company to a sun-dress on the beach- it is just not the best drink in Barcelona. Locals would suggest Vermouth instead! What`s your pick?

3) Poble Espanyol- Paying for praying!
This open air museum apparently has buildings which are not exactly complete in construction. To enter the church you need to pay roughly 8 euros and tourists are generally disappointed with the incomplete experience it offers.

4) Reliving the Olympic memories of 1992.
Olympia stadium is more like a school picnic ground now. Renovated in 1989 for hosting Summer Olympics of 1992, visit this place when you have a free afternoon- but remember to look around the entire place to gain something out of the experience.

5) Going ancient with your footwear
Barcelona has some amazing museums. But then there is also the foot-wear museum with displays of foot-wear across the centuries. Don`t miss out on it if footwear is your first love and foot-fetish is your character trait.

6) Go aquatic
Barcelona’s Port Vell aquarium is a treat from the outside but is also a true example of don’t book a judge by its cover. Apart from the shark tank, which is if you are a jaws fan, this place is literally a 20 minute over-priced experience! Go see the famous Dolphin show at the Barcelona Zoo instead.

7) Visiting the Hard Rock Café, even in Barcelona
Hard Rock Café`s all over the world are quite a hit amongst music lovers who give food and drink equal preference. But, the Hard Rock Café here is a little of a let-down. Go to the Irish Pubs instead.

8) Dancing away your night at Maremagnnum
Although one of the most famous night-clubs in Barcelona; Maremagnum has stopped being a hit amongst the tourists and locals since quite a while now. If you still choose to go here, go to the top floor considering it’s a little better then the other floors.

9) Taking a walk at Park Guell
Magical some may call it with mesmerizing scenic beauty; Park Guell for the longest time was one of Barcelona`s top rated attractions. But over time, the park seems to have lost its charm with over priced food shops and souvenir shops all over.

10) Be a typical football fanatic
Agreed Messi is your hero but if you want the city to open you with welcoming arms; avoid being the typical football tourist. Respect its culture and the city will have so much more to offer than just another football game to you.

11) Going local with Las Ramblas
It`s only a street but its engraved deep into Barcelona history. Visiting this place should definitely be on your travel itinerary but is every spot on this street worth the big deal, you let us know!

12) Obsessing over Paella
If you get home-made Paella, you are in for a treat. But it`s very rare to find an authentically cooked one here. In fact, calcots (a springtime onion roasted on a grill and usually served with selection of sausages) ,butifarra (Catalan sausage) and torrada (toasted bread with a variety of toppings) are some alternatives to Paella which are freshly served.

13) Getting lost in the crowd
Being a top rated city with end number of attractions, Barcelona is always crowded with tourists. Best time to avoid hoard of tourists and have a great experience is to visit either in April or September as the city is quiter during this time. ‘

14) Admiring Pablo Picasso here
If you understand art, you definitely understand the worth of this artist. But the Picasso museum here is not exactly a treat for his fans. The displays here are not Picasso`s best. Although I believe everything he created masterpieces all the time, but you may have a different opinion.

15) Having an individualistic experience
Last but not the least, there are various things and activities to do that give you a chance to mix up with the locals. It`s totally worth it to include these activities in your itinerary and not make this a trip to only be by yourself or your close set of people. Even more so because the people here are sure as hell fun and very welcoming!

Do you find these experiences over-rated or worth the price and time? Do let us know by dropping in your comments.

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