The Best African Destinations To Spend The New Year

Africa with its beautiful vineyards and ecstatic geology is one of the few places which takes pride in its rustic self. It is one of the destination where you can celebrate New Years like no one is watching!

Apart from the various carnivals and annual highlights internationally, every city in Africa is a unique book in itself. If you’re ideas are still running wild, take a quick look below to choose your dream African New Year Destination.

1. Cape Town
The ultimate party place to welcome the New Year, Cape Town with its iconic table-mountain is hard to miss. The people, the energy, the music (not to mention the live performances) and the string of festivals which grace the city, all offer a memorable experience. An insider travel tip- don’t miss out on the beautiful vineyards which are unique to Cape Town.

2. Saint Louis
The beaches of Saint Louis are simply the best during New Year’s eve. And if you are a party person, join the parade with streets which are adorned by architectural marvels and locals singing to the rhythms of the music.

3. Marrakech
If you love shopping, then Marrakech is the place for you. The ultimate shopper’s paradise with its colorful souks that sell almost everything Morocco has to offer, shines its best during the eve and is everything and more a local market should be.

4. Lagos
New Year’s Eve does not get any more luxurious than Lagos- complete with yatch parties, dance floors with undying energies in some of the best clubs around the country. If you want to travel elite, Lagos is the place for you.

5. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, June 2014 from Jozef Papp on Vimeo.

The iconic Victoria falls with the famous Devil’s Pool is at is best during the New Years eve. Many tours arrange for a complete entertainment package along the waterfalls. The popular Vic Falls Carnival hosts the best live acts form all around the world, and a dip in the devil’s pool before you dance to some of the best DJ spins, seals the deal.

6. Accra
Ghana has it own party marvel hidden in Accra and not many will know just how much of a wonderland it is until they set foot onto its pristine beaches which turn to the best night-hubs after dark. If you like your New Year’s eve to be sunny and want to only pack swimwear, this place will not disappoint.

7. Calabara, Nigeria
If you are planning on an early New Year, the Calabara Carnival is the one thing you didn’t even known you were looking for. Enjoy beautiful dancers take to the streets as they dance to heavy grooves with costumes and all the regalia.

8. Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt (above)
Sharm Al Sheikh breaks all the stereotypes of Egypt and emerges into an oasis in the middle of the parched city. The shimmering beaches which are perfect to get that tan, turn into a New Year’s eve extravaganza with some of the best party-heads you will meet on this side of the globe for sure. For other who want to stay away from the parties, a stay at one of the luxury resorts in the city will be just as enchanting.

One of the travel tips when you visit Africa- the different regions refer to different calendars (which are perfect to hop from one New Years part to another). Do confirm the dates for New Year’s eve as some of them extend well into January!

On a personal note, Africa’s charm is hard to describe- breathtaking, exciting, enchanting or simply soulful, the place never fails to amaze and when in doubt, the above cities will make sure you have more than a good time when in the country of the wild!

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