Top Travel Secrets Nobody Shares With You

Secrets! Well, they’re meant to be shared secretly and why not if it’s about travel. Have you ever turned down a holiday trip just because a friend of yours had a bad experience there? People often tend to exaggerate the situations and experiences they live by while traveling, sometimes with the intention of hiding the best parts from you. If it’s an extremely good piece of information even your trip planner for that matter, may hide some secrets from you


So, here we are to share a few quirky interesting travel secrets. You can thank us later for them!


1. How do you travel overseas that too on budget? – There’s a thing called advance booking of your flight and holidays. By advance we mean a good 3-4 months before your journey. This helps you save huge on the ticket and hotel prices. Moreover if you use online discount coupons or have travel credit cards, you save even more. Next trick is, many people think that overseas travel means long haul flights, huge ticket prices and lots of other expenses but did you know if you opt to travel waterways it’s more pocket-friendly. So, this is how you travel overseas that too on budget.


2. How do you manage to get the best seat in coach? – There are a couple of sites like that give you a detailed description of the seats you choose. Which one offers extra leg space or elbow room or how comfortable is the back and recline system. You can also checkout if your seat has immovable armrest or an obstructed view of the movie screen


3. How do credit cards help in making most of your travel?- These are the special travel cards which give you bonus points for the miles you travel and when you collect those required brownie points after your journey, you can actually redeem those in the next trip. How cool is that? But, the terms and conditions may differ from bank to bank so run a good check before you take this up.


4. How to save money on those elite business class flights? – Get smart and find out if it’s a code share. Basically, when a US airline and its foreign partner sell seats on a similar flight, it’s a code share. So one carrier’s fare could be substantially lower. Check rates on both.


5. How do you kill that time when flights are delayed? – There are ample of options available. Club lounges, rest rooms, shopping areas, or just a stroll through the entire airport is also not a bad idea either. What you could do best is save your later time which you would waste on thinking and buying those souvenirs. Buy them over here instead, you have free time.


6. How do you save money on stay? – If you’re a smart traveler, you must be already aware of the facilities like, home stays, couch surfing and shared apartments. Many places in India and abroad have this system which helps you save huge expenses on those lavish hotels. Sharing might get a bit uncomfortable at times but if you opt for a good home stay, that would be great for your family.


Now that you exactly know how to make a successful and smart travel itinerary, we’re sure you are going to just nail it. So pull up your socks and try out these hacks and don’t forget to share this awesome cheat sheet travel guide with the rest of your travel buddies! We shall be coming up with more such exciting stories.


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