Your travel plans should always be about the journey and never the destination. Great travelers say that they just don’t wish to arrive anywhere, as arriving means end of the journey. So while we help you plan your trip here in the most enthralling way, read through to know why a bucket list is so important!

1. It Builds Enthusiasm - Let the mind wander and fantasize about the place you're about to visit or dream to visit. Your bucket list is the only route through which you get closer to your travel goals. So gear up and plan a trip .

2. Lets you Reward yourself - You just covered three destinations out of ten from the list, yay! now you are all set to go for the remaining ones with all the zest and energy.  Pat your back and reward yourself for keeping the promise of traveling to those destinations you marked up in the list! You're one best trip planner for yourself.


The Bucket List Initiative, Round V from Passion Passport on Vimeo.


3. Aiming is Good - To help you with your holidays you may also check out some great itinerary planning app . Aim for your dream destination and make sure you get there! Having a clear picture of your journey in your mind takes you closer to your dream every day.

4. Law of Attraction - It is believed that when you write down something, you're more attracted towards that task. Mostly if you're confused as on how to start, here's an idea, I usually plan my road trips, to begin with. They can be nearby destinations easy to reach. You may try it out.

5. You don't miss out on that Favorite one - Afraid of missing out on that dream destination? Don't worry, you won’t, if you got your own tour planner guide in front of you every day. Read and do a good research about the place you’re about to visit, as it helps you be a traveler and not just a tourist. These are the sole reasons why you have to have a travel bucket list in your hand.

6. Tick off the 'done' -Ah! the feeling of being a globetrotter just fills your soul. Travel plans turn successful only when you make that first move. Don’t forget to check the online deals and discounts on travel packages and make your bookings in advance so that you save huge on your expenses.

7. Lets you add more Destinations - So, now you're almost nearing the finish line, it's time to add more amazing destinations to your list. Remember the world is never ending, and so should be your list! There are also a wide range of free trip planner apps that let you browse through some breathtaking destinations which you can add on your list.

8. You take your Travels Seriously - There were those days when you weaved your dreams in your mind but never took them seriously. Your bucket list will help you make your first move. Your itinerary template will help you plan more and more wonderful journeys

9. Take you a step closer to your Destination - When you make a list, you're almost half done. Make sure you well browse through all travel planner websites and make your bucket list. Planning is an essential part of your journey and that needs to be just perfect. 

Well, get ready to update your travel bucket list, or make one if you don’t have it and head towards the beautiful world that it waiting for you. A well, planned travel itinerary will save you monies and time. You end up have a properly set finances and other perquisites for the vacation. My suggestion would be to travel solo, as this will boost your confidence and build you for most of the upcoming journeys. Don’t forget to carry first-aid and extra cash card. It is highly important to be healthy and safe while traveling alone. Last but not the least, carry your travel list along so that, you can update some interesting information or pictures about that place, if any.


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