10 Travel Accessories You Really Don't Need to Pack

Travelling is about exploring new places thus by eventually exploring yourself. Travelling teaches you a lot about yourself. The way you plan a trip or make a travel itinerary decides how your trip is going to be. The more good your travel itinerary is, the more fun you will experience while travelling. And packing your bags is an essential part of any travel plan. Many a times we pack things we usually end up not using on our trip. So, it is always advisable not to stack up your bag with unnecessary stuff or accessories.

Here are 10 travel accessories you really don’t need to pack

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1) Money Belt- Having a separate money belt always keeps your money safe while travelling but it is totally an unnecessary thing to carry. It simple adds up weight to your body and thieves are simply good with their job no matter how much we take care. Plus it becomes really uncomfortable for you to take out money from the belt everywhere you purchase something.

2) Safety Gadgets- People tend to buy fancy safety gadgets on their every trip which they end up not using for the whole trip, the foremost reason being they get bugged taking out and keeping in the things every time they need it. It is therefore advisable to keep your valuables in your front pockets and be sensible enough to be aware of your surroundings while travelling. Being aware of pickpockets and taking good care is enough.

3) Passport Cover – While the cover may look stylish you have to take the passport out at the time of immigration which makes it just another extra thing to carry.

4) Big Headphones – Unless you are of course a famous DJ on a tour, try to stick to a slim and good earphone. It saves you space and money too. Losing the big bulky ones may cost you a dime.

5) Travel Clothes – Many people have this habit of packing a separate set of clothes for their vacation plan which are tagged as ‘special travel clothes’. This is simply a stupid idea. While you may carry your favorite tee shirt or shorts that you wear for travelling, you don’t need to pack dozens of travel clothes which unnecessarily stack up your luggage. Also half of the clothes that you pack for your trip are never used.

6) Medicines – It is always good to have a basic first aid kit, don’t carry a big box of tablets. You can easily get any medicine in about every country at a medical shop.

7) Beauty Products – Many women have the habit of stacking up all of their beauty products on their trip which is totally unnecessary. Keeping a small bag of products that you really need is helpful. Also many hotels provide you with their complimentary toiletries services which include things right from shampoos to body lotion.

8) Foot Wares – You may have a collection of 10 pairs of different foot wares which you absolutely love to wear. That simply doesn’t mean you take all of them or half a dozen with you for your trip. A nice pair of shoes and a pair of slippers are good enough for your trip.

9) Unnecessary Things – Do not pack unnecessary things like aspirin, extra razors, body deodorants or reading materials which you can easily buy at any convenience store in the country you are visiting.

10)Valuables – It is always advisable to not bring your extremely valuable things like diamond jewelry or watches or imported glasses which are a high risk of theft or damage while on your trip.

And remember, Travel is more about seeing the places and learning the culture than having the luxuries.


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