Useful Tips to Save your Holiday From Jet Lag

Travelling can be much fun if you plan a trip properly and design your travel itinerary according to the country you are going to visit. The miracle of air travel makes it easy to fly to the other side of world in a couple of hours. But there can be a big problem as the time difference in the place you are visiting and the place you have left can cause biorhythmic confusion in your body which we call ‘jet lag’. It can give you serious headaches and make you uncomfortable thus by ruining your holiday. While it takes couple of days to get back to normal, you can always try your best to reduce it.

With proper prior trip planning, this can be done.

Here are 10 tips to save your holiday from jet lag

1) Trip plan –

The most important thing you need to do is make a good travel itinerary. You must know the time zone of the country you are visiting as it helps you deal with jet lag easily. Jumping off to another country without knowing the amount of time difference you are going to experience is a bad idea. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a good trip planner for you.

2) Sleep well –

The only thing you need to avoid jet lag is take well rest before your long journey. Sleeping well before your trip helps maintain your energy level while travelling making it easy for your body to deal with jet lag.

3) Water is a Must –

It is always advisable to keep your own water bottle while on long journeys. You can always fill them up from water fountain. Staying hydrated throughout the journey is the key to avoid jet lag.

4) Stay Away-



You may love having coffee or a pint of beer while on a long journey but no. Avoid them at any cost as they can cause dehydration which in turn results in disrupting your sleep pattern. Therefore, it is always a good idea to avoid them during flights.

5) On Arrival-



We tend to go and jump on our beds for a sleep as soon as we reach the hotel after the flight. Don’t do that. Considering your body needs rest, try to relax and stay awake until the local bedtime. This will help your body transition into the country’s time faster thus avoiding jet lag.


6) Wear Light –



Wearing light and loose clothes on long journeys never fail to help. When you are on a long flight journey you experience sudden temperature changes which may cause discomfort in tight clothes. Loose clothes helps circulates air into your body well keeping you comfortable.

7) Run to the Spa-

Having a massage before or after your flight is always a good idea. Having massage right after a long journey helps you relax thus avoiding jet lag. Having one before the flight helps you relax on the flight and make your journey easy.

8) Eat Light –

Yes. Always a good idea to have light snacks before and during the flight. It helps you keep your energy levels high while travelling.

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