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If you are searching the destination where you can spend your holidays without having any problem but don’t want to visit old places which are visited by you already then Cairo can be the best option. Cairo is an interesting, charming and beautiful city that is rich in history and culture. There are numbers of places to see in Cairo. Cairo is the capital city & is largest city of Africa. You can have many memorable moments if you visit this city. You may plan your holiday through travel planner for awesome vacation.

Many attractive Cairo sightseeing places attract people with its charming beauty. I have visited all the major attractions of this city but I want to visit this city again and again because of many reasons. This city is completely safe and one can have a lot of fun here. This city never sleeps and nightlife is also fantastic. If you get the chance to visit this calm and beautiful city then you should not miss the chance.

Weather conditions: You should not visit this city during summer because here summer season months are very hot and hot is not bearable so it will be best if you avoid visiting this city in summer. The best time to make a trip to this city is during Oct, Nov. Mar and April months.

As there are numbers of Cairo places to visit but some popular Cairo sightseeing places are listed here:

Coptic: It is oldest city part & is real site of Babylon, it was built by Roman. This part of city has been settled for over 2000 yr. You can find here number of Egypt’s churches and is also the main centre of Cairo Christian community. 

Islamic Cairo: It is place where you can find many mosques. The major attractions of this place are Mohammad Ali Mosque and Ibn tulun. Ibn Tulun is one of the most popular and biggest mosques all over the world.

Egyptian Museum: While in Cairo you should not miss visiting this museum. It is one of the most popular museums having its own significance. This museum includes Mummies, ancient relics and sarcophagi which represents archaeological glory of Egypt. 

City of dead: This part of Cairo may not be sound like liveliest portion of this city to visit but it is home to million people of this city.

Pyramids: This city has gained so much popularity all over world because of Pyramids. There are numbers of pyramids in the Egypt and all these are thought to be constructed during 3rd millennium BC.

These are some most popular places to see in Cairo and many others are there which you should visit during trip to this beautiful city. If you don’t have proper information about city or travel then travel website can help you.

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