A Beautiful City and Activities To Do in Casablanca

Casablanca is a very beautiful city of Morocco. The population of this place is near about 3 million and people of this city are very helpful. I spent an unforgettable time in this city and really enjoyed the friendly behavior of the local people during my trip to Casablanca. The local people over there in Casablanca are very helpful. One must go for it to see the best places over there in Casablanca and should do the Casablanca activities which will definitely make your trip wonderful. You may plan your holiday through vacation planner for awesome trip.

Best time to visit:

This city is the paradise for the visitors because the weather is almost same all around the year. The weather over there in Casablanca is warm and hardly reaches at 24 degree Celsius.


There are many beautiful places to visit in Casablanca and also there are many more Casablanca activities that attract the tourists.

You can enjoy the best recreational activities in Casablanca. Some of the best recreational activities are:


Camel ride:

This is the best thing to do in Casablanca. You can hire a camel and can visit the Sahara Desert which will definitely be the memorable moment.

There are many malls and some other place for shopping in Casablanca. Some of the best shopping places are, Morocco Mall, Boutique Jerraflore and Marche central. These are the top most shopping destinations in the city. One can buy anything from here and can make his trip unforgettable.

Things for kids:
If you are here in this place with the family then there are some best activities for the kids. There are some best hotels which provide the best facilities for the kids. There are kids clubs in such hotels and they can just enjoy their trip by spending their time in these clubs. There are different types of games and many more things for the kids. Hyatt Regency is one of the best hotels who provides these kids services.

La Corniche:
This is the beach area of the Casablanca and is located in the south of the city. This is beautiful place and we spent the best moments of life here on this beach at the time of our trip and the weather over there was pleasant during the trip and we enjoy a lot.

Rock climbing:
This activity is full of adventure and only the person who loves such adventures can go for it. To climb up to the rock is also a famous activity among the tourists who because of the adventure. These are the best recreational activities in Casablanca which are very common among the visitors.

The activities to do in Casablanca are also the main cause of visitor’s attraction. To get proper information about the city you can take help from the city travel guide.